Paul Brill – Sisters

This advanced promotional copy of the new Paul Brill LP came without cover art and packaging; but the most important aspect of Brill’s music came intact – his music. The follow up to his Halve the Light LP is an intricate blend of guitar driven indie rock dabbed with classy folk and light country. With members of the Duke Ellington Orchestra and the Tin Hat Trio, Brill is able to once again capture the hearts and ears of his listeners. From the guitar friendly, almost ambient “Barefoot in the Snow” to the orchestra backed “Macon”, his combination of musical honesty and soulful clarity broadcasts so vibrantly, so effectively that it reaches out to one’s most poignant being – the heart.

Like the fine creation of heartland rock, “Skylight” appears like a positive aching, the very essence of hope and sound, emanating from some moonlit rooftop to bring down the breath of earth. It’s Brill at his finest; aware and observant, like someone “cut a hole into the roof so we could see the night”. It is followed by the more somber “Favorite Thing”, replete with a more sullen Brill and effortless instrumental support. In “Blue Blanket”, Brill resurrects the solemn sound that permeated through his preceding EP (the Sisters EP), and carries on right through to “Something to Get Along” – distinctly natural and beautifully expresses the sound and soul of ‘post country heartache’.

Paul Brill’s latest offering is like a timeless novel; encompassing a wide array deep emotion and observant description. Delicate in structure but grand in display, Brill is the enchanting musician who captivates his audience – a masterful artist, the unsuspecting Kerouac.

(Scarlet Shame Records)

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