A picture painted so vividly in the outstretched arms of an interstate, accompanied by the moods of a thousand burning candles. This is more than just words to music, it’s an entire landscape colored with the shining talent of Paul Brill and his band. The essence of America can be felt here, soft-spoken country folk laced with the acerbic tongue of indie rock. It sets an atmosphere seen previously in heart felt epic sagas of music’s past, emotionally driven and captivating. Each track nestled with trickles of violins, pianos and mandolins that are highlighted by strong vocal arrangements. Paul Brill’s Halve the Light is brilliant, set to play anywhere with anyone. If you’re a fan of indie rock, folk, country and true spirited feel good music, this disc is highly recommended. The track “Maybelline” truly is a cut above the rest.

(Scarlet Shame Records)


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