Blacklist Royals – Semper Liberi

Like the sweltering heat of underground rock clubs and the freedom of the open road, the Blacklist Royals are the personification good time American rock n’ roll. Tinged with a streak of country, their latest effort is a nonsense-free ride through the states of Memphis and Nashville filtered through the sneer of California punk rock. From the swingin’ sound of “Rock And Roll” and the Americana-flavored “Howling at the Moon” to the Social Distortion-lite of “White Line Fever,” there is plenty to enjoy on Semper Liberi.

The keys-infused “California” is perfect for any good road trip while the acoustic driven clap-a-long vibe of “Drive On” is a fair indication of the good spirited nature of the band. It’s all about the feeling, the essence, and the movement of what made the likes of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Chuck Berry and their kind so memorable. “Love in the Backseat” is as fine as 21st century rock n’ roll will get and as it sings in its refrain, “Turn up the radio / Lock the doors and we’ll kill the lights / You know everything will be alright”, it’s all about sweat, six strings and a good time.

(Paper + Plastick)

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