Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer – The Popsicle EP

No matter what kind of music you are into, one can find a spot to love and appreciate Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer. Yep, even you rough and tumble hardcore kids can appreciate the fun of the Zolof sound. I’ve had the pleasure of following their work from previous years, and this time around, Zolof have managed to put it all together with their finest release to date, The Popsicle EP.

From the opening track, “Argh… I’m a Pirate,” that upbeat, catchy nature of Zolof is alive and kicking, tighter musically and in a sense, significantly matured. They offer that great blend of upbeat rock and roll laced with peppy synthesizers. What really makes Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer the fun and loving band they are is vocalist Rachel Minton. Her sweet and cutesy vocals really do a number on you. You can’t help but smile when you hear Minton’s voice. Her vocals are incredibly down to earth and provide that sunny outlook on every song.

Zolof is not just all about fun though. There is an element of seriousness that I think is buried here. Beyond the shiny, happy-go-lucky skin, there is definitely a lot of emotion behind the words. This is best displayed on the third track “Oh William;” “Wanna think that I’ll help you / Who am I trying to fool / Guess I’m going to hell if karma comes to burn our souls / We’ll stop drop and roll.” Minton definitely has a lot of fire inside and I think sometimes that easily gets lost with their songs being so upbeat. Another nice touch on this EP is the guest vocals of Starting Line front man, Kenny Vasoli on the opening track. It’s just another element that really pushes the energetic direction of their music. Vasoli fits right in singing with Minton as his vocals fit well with the band’s pop formula.

Zolof has really grown with this release and they do so in keeping their traditional style and flavor in tact. That’s what makes this release so good: Zolof’s ability to grow and mature while staying true to their bubbly sound structure.

(Eyeball Records)