Zero 7 – When It Falls

So this is a review of yet another album I have postponed writing about for some months. With no hope of finding any metaphor to drag out in attempt to portray the disc accurately, I shall just get right to it. This CD is responsible for a many unwanted guests coming to and staying in my room for prolonged and painful periods of time. People I hold a general dislike for and people I like a great amount, found this album extremely appealing. Having said that, it may hint at a generic element in the CD, which could be responsible for this (unfortunate for me) congregation of people in my room. Yet, there is nothing generic or average about it. This album has a feel all of its own; from the oh-so-cool and sweet vocals to the ever so soothing play of the instruments.

Five people share the vocals, each performing on different songs. This may suggest a sense of discontinuation but the flow is incredible and applauded (from my side, at least). Each of the vocalists commits to a soulful, calm, and incredible sound, which penetrates the soul. A bit dramatic perhaps (my description), with the integration of the soul in my praise, but it is quite amazing. These singers would tear apart any American Idol contestant; how is that for putting it in perspective? Do not let rumors of hints of 70’s soft rock and electronica convince you to avoid this album. That would only be a disservice to yourself and the rest of the world if such rumors were heeded.

I will be honest and say that I am not a fan of techno music or electronica. At least that is what I have thought for quite awhile now. If When It Falls is considered electronica and “ambient techno,” then I have been quite disillusioned. I shall recast my vote in favor of Zero 7 and all they represent, be it electronica and techno. These labels, which have been stuck on by others not myself, are very deceptive. I cannot emphasize enough how calm, pleasant, and not repetitive (as I consider techno to be…headache inducing redundant) this piece of work is.

I do not use the term beautiful often, if ever, to describe music. This could be because the music I usually like is fast and can hardly be referred to with such elegant terms (not that beautiful is elegant, just more so than awesome). This is just one of those CDs, in which ever song has me feeling insanely relaxed and wanting to just lay back and be blanketed by the music. So I sit here snuggly wrapped in soulful and slightly funky melodies, proclaiming that this latest effort from Zero 7 is amazing, intriguing, innocent, warm, sophisticated, and beautiful.

(Elektra Records)