Driving can be a welcome distraction from some of life’s more difficult moments. Some use driving as an escape, a reflection on a current situation or problem. It can also be, just a moment where you can be happy, an untouched passage of humility and joy that is made up of passing trees and the highway disappearing into the distance. On a recent trip across Oregon, I was floored by the beauty of the landscape that makes up much of the state, trees for miles, mountain sides and small towns smattering the highway lines that cross the state. I had just gotten married and was on a honeymoon dream trip, driving a car of my dreams (sort of) and it just hit me that this was nice, very nice.

It was at the moment when this Thundamentals song came on, and it was a perfect accompaniment. The song, from their lauded 2017 album Everyone We Know, is drenched with this fantastic vibe- a positive one. It’s one of the reasons why this Australian hip hop act has endured themselves so well to the public. Sure, perhaps the song itself isn’t about the most positive aspects of life, but the way Jeswon sings the verses matched with Peta & The Wolves vocals in the hook just puts a smile on your face. I would find it hard for anyone to listen to the song and not feel good about how the song resonates with those looking for a slice of comfort and happiness.

Thundamentals are about to hit the road for their 10 year anniversary shows. You can find all the info, tickets and everything else on their website. You can find information about Peta & The Wolves on their Facebook page.

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