Various Artists – New Wave for the Next Generation

Just like looking at double fudge chocolate cake makes me hungry, perusing the track list to this sensational CD made me hungry. My ears began grumbling in anticipation of being fed something delicious, stimulating, different, and more fulfilling than the crap on the radio. I could feel my eardrums doing the equivalent of salivating. As it was, I tried to avoid instant gratification and postponed appeasing my aching hunger. Time went by and I could no longer sit passively on the couch while this piece of work sat on my table enticing and calling. Being the weak person I am, I played the CD and rabidly consumed each sound wave that was thrown out of the speakers.

A little anecdote: My mother found Sheena Easton to be beautiful and talented. As a result of this admiration she has called me Sheena since birth (a nickname of sorts). When I first heard the Ramones’ “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” I was about ten, and since then I have been in love with this song. In short, there was no better way for this CD to kick off.

Each song following the first one was equally great and memory stimulating. I must say I was surprised that it occurred to the record company to layer the CD with the great “Blank Generation”. Technically, I don’t think I am in the blank generation for Richard Hell was before my time. Still I savor each note. The ingredient in the track list that evades my taste buds is Ministry’s “Jesus Built My Hot Rod”. I suppose this song represents the whip cream that always seems to come on top of the most amazing of cakes. The same whip cream I take off the cake before devouring it like there is no tomorrow.

When I have children I will without a doubt sit them down and make them listen to this record; similar to how my parents would sit me down and watch while I finished all my vegetables. Both the music and vegetables will make them stronger and better little people. They will thank me later. Another great thing about this CD is that it is not dedicated to the male fronted bands of the past. There is an excellent amount of great female voices included. As it came to an end my ears were pleased with what had been fed, yet the hunger had not been completely satisfied; like eating only a piece of the most delightful cake in the world. You’re thrilled having had that one slice but slightly bummed knowing that there is almost a whole cake left that you are not allowed to eat at the moment. Being satisfied but knowing there is so much more.

This record is only one slice of the greatest cake in the world. The last bite, “Do You Remember Rock n’ Roll Radio” (Ramones), pacifying you for the time being. While you enjoy that morsel, you comfort yourself knowing that there is more somewhere out there, having a slice of the best cake in a time of rancid and bland cakes is quite pleasing. So go and find this CD, and listen while the original and revolutionary notes easily slip into your ears. As we all know “the radio still sucks”, but at least we can sit back and sink into the better days for we have the New Wave for the Next Generation.

(Sire Records)