Trailer watch: Framing John Delorean

Are you surprised that a feature film hasn’t been made about John Delorean?

It’s the question posed in the trailer for the upcoming documentary/film hybrid Framing John Delorean. The documentary is unique in that it blends documentary footage and interviews with a feature film style of narrative- filling in gaps and recreations with noted actors ‘Angry’ Alec Baldwin (as John Delorean) and Morena Baccarin (Deadpool, Homeland) as his wife Cristina Ferrare.

The life of John Delorean is a fascinating one. Amidst the millions, the drugs, the pre-Elon Musk Elon Muskness, is that car. And while he spent years working through the ranks at General Motors across their wide range of brands, he will forever be known for that time traveling machine (it actually traveled through time but you needed to get to 88 miles an hour, we checked)- the Delorean. It was a heap of junk but became added to pop culture legend in the film Back to the Future.

The documentary was directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce and will hit cinemas and VOD June 7th.

It’s interesting that they’ve taken this route, I probably would have preferred an entire documentary of real footage but Delorean was a strange and out there man, so this film might as well be the same.

Watch the trailer above.