Thrice – If We Could Only See Us Now

Thrice’s creative, all-inclusive and comprehensive DVD study chronicles the history of the band in complete detail. Not much is left out. From the release of their indie hit, Identity Crisis, to the band’s baby steps on the touring trail, to the sunshine days that found the band gaining critical acclaim, every little inch is covered here. Above-average editing really makes portions of the release extremely easy to watch. The nicely edited 110-minute program includes a 26 chapter movie of the band’s history and times together, tons and tons of live performance footage from various years and rare video clips. The live performances are quite a treat as you can witness the progression and development from the band’s early shows to where they are today. The DVD also includes all three videos that the band has put together and released; two videos from The Artist In the Ambulance and one from The Illusion of Safety.

The movie aspect of the DVD is highly detailed with loads of informative and attention-grabbing footage. All three full-length albums are chronicled through the recording process involved as you get an inside look at how each album was started and then finally completed. The creative studio side of Thrice gives you a new perspective on a band that is more known for their energetic live shows. You also get to witness each little aspect of touring through the eyes of Thrice from the days of long van rides from city to city to the allure of sold out arena shows. It is really neat to see the level of performance improve over the years. As if the DVD wasn’t enough to fill you up, the band throws in a CD with 9 songs featuring rarities, B-sides and unreleased material. The acoustic version of “Stare At the Sun” is one of stand out tracks and the cover of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” definitely gives new meaning to a band adding their own personal touch to something. That’s right, Thrice covering The Beatles.

At times, bands will release historical DVDs and the end results are sloppy- footage filled with inside jokes, stupid antics and little else. This is not the case for Thrice; like everything else they do, this is precise and to-the-point. Thrice definitely came into this DVD with a plan and they’ve put everything together as efficiently as possible. No other material is needed to get a precise history lesson on Thrice.

(Island Records)