We all have our favourite songs to listen to with the windows down. And whether they are established classics or contemporary entries, they are forever part of the driving experience. Mixtapes and road trips were like bread and butter, and even in this day of satellite radio and Spotify, we tune in all the more when one of my our favourite songs come on.

For me, my formative driving years were soundtracked by bands that were rarely played on the radio. For a good decade I wrote about music, and I felt that this section of Autopilot: Off was a good way of sharing great driving songs that you may or may not have heard before. Because really, how many more times can you listen to “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Born to Run” on a road trip?

So we begin with the band whose name inspired this online space. Autopilot Off (the band) are a punk band from Orange Country, New York who first caught my attention when they were called Cooter. They released a fantastic album called Looking Up back in 2000- blistering punk rock that tapped in to the Face to Face well.

The released their one major label release in 2004 but the song that always gets me amped when driving comes from an EP they released in 2002. “Nothing Frequency” is always a song I turn up if my shuffle lands on it.

You can listen to the whole EP on Spotify or purchase the song and EP on iTunes.

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