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Without the Ford F-150 Raptor available, those outside of the United States have to opt for a different Ford performance truck. The Ford Ranger Raptor is that answer, but with that news comes the price. And the question is, the new Ranger Raptor is how much?!

The short answer is, ‘expensive’. Especially in comparison to its bigger, meaner American sibling the F-150 Raptor. While the latter is available as an import option, here in Australia, the upcoming Ranger Raptor is the only Ford performance truck that will come with a factory warranty. We discussed Australia’s performance truck options not too long ago, and compared them to America’s.

Raptor by name

The specs of Ranger Raptor are of course, not quite as monstrous of that of the F-150. They are however, nothing to scoff at. A 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission, all-terrain tires, Raptor looks, new chassis and updated suspension are all worthy upgrades over the regular Ranger models.

t all comes at a premium however. The base price in Australia for a Ranger Raptor will be USD $58,100 ($74,990 in Australian dollars), before on-road costs. The price in the U.S. for an F-150 Raptor starts at USD $50,000. I understand the comparison isn’t apples to apples, but the Ranger Raptor is in every sense, expensive.

How do the numbers stack up?

Even in comparison to its local counterparts it’s pushing the limits. The closest rival would be General Motors’ local arm Holden and their newly released HSV Colorado Sportscat. Those start at USD $47,300 ($61,000 in Australian dollars). Volkswagen has recently announced power upgrades to their high-end Amarok truck, with those expected to start at at least USD $53,000 ($68,490 in Australian dollars).

So you can see that the competition is plentiful, and some will question whether the Raptor’s less than spectacular power outputs are worth the entry price.

That is, of course, before anyone has driven the Ranger Raptor. My guess is that once people do start driving, they will realize how good it is.

Home on the range

With news that the Ranger is returning to the United States for the 2019 model, it would be interesting to see if Ford gives the Ranger the Raptor treatment. I suspect that they won’t, seeing as that name is synonymous with the F-150. But if they do, it surely has to be priced well below that of the F-150.