The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious

In recent months, everyone has been buzzing about The Hives. From knowledgeable music critics, movie stars, the press, fellow rock stars to MTV personnel and hosts – everyone seems to have found their new favorite band. They’ve all shot immense praise at The Hives – citing their flair and rock n’ roll sound as ‘the next big thing’.

Since I am neither a rock critic, movie star, rock star nor a member of the mass media or MTV, I can safely tell you that this CD is a giant pile of shit. Pure uninspired ass leakage of the highest possible magnitude. If I wanted to listen to good garage inspired rock n’ roll, I’d pick up a Guitar Wolf record, a Murder City Devils record or heck, an Andre Williams record.

If this is the future of mainstream rock music, we are all going to hell.

(Burning Heart Records)

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