The Goodwill – Insult, Injury, Etc…

It’s difficult to like The Goodwill. They play an aggressive style of music layered with forceful punk and hardcore that is sprinkled with catchy, pop hooks. Their earlier work was written and put together when the band were still wee teenagers, so the material then was centered on the all too-familiar themes about girls and boys and relationships gone bad. This time around things are a little different and ultimately it’s for the better. The lyrics on this album focus more on the current day and age we live in. Social criticism is something that is definitely touched upon throughout the tracks on this album. The lyrics are also delivered with a little more precision and conviction.

On the surface, it’s a subtle change for the best, but it’s also a little too calculated and premeditated. This method or plan of action has been done before and their not the first band to put out a pop punk album before delivering something with a little more edge. Quite frankly, it’s more forced and phony than anything. Musically and instrumentally, you can definitely notice the Long Island flavor of music from bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New incorporated into The Goodwill’s music. Again, been there and done that and they’re just a little too late following the trend.

We’ve heard this all before and while The Goodwill carries things out with fine precision in certain aspects, the album is too much of the same; nothing groundbreaking or earth shattering, and only occasionally worth a listen.

(Abacus Recordings)