The Gloria Record – Start Here

There is a certain atmospheric wonder to the sound of The Gloria Record. A certain magnetic quality that when coupled with the mesmeric voice of Chris Simpson, creates a truly beautiful, escaping sound. Their first full length effort Start Here is a progression from their previous EPs. It captures and builds upon the very heartrending attributes found on their A Lull in Traffic release; creating what can be said is a ten track musical opus of epic proportions. There is a cohesive nature to this effort, a binding, stronger, more mature sense – practiced and rehearsed to perfection in what some may call their pilot run. Tried and tested through a single and two EPs, The Gloria Record have nearly perfected their sound and are set to begin their full musical trek.

This cohesion and readiness is seen in their expansion of musical sounds – from the keyboard, electro-pop opening to the fuzzed out guitar sounds of “Cinema Air” they are able to paint pictures and images while evoking the deepest of emotions. “Cinema Air” also shares a sense of upbeat melody before leaving Simpson’s voice alone with only the soft keyboard sounds as its accompaniment. While simplistic in nature, the effects are long lasting and incomparable. Its sets the stage for the beautifully melancholic “I Was Born in Omaha”, where Simpson sings, “I was born in Omaha / In my mother’s tired arms / After all our fight was gone / I bet it felt good just to lie there / Drinking in the warm lights / And breathing through the tubes”. Through personal lyrics and distinct delivery, Simpson’s trailing vocals leave an indelible mark on a listener’s ears. He occasionally drags his words, sounds soft and awash with sadness but is always endearing and moving.

The slow, moody progression of “The Overpass”, the guitar powered “My Funeral Party” and the impressive finale “Ambulance” makes it all sound and feel subsequently more personal. Like moving through mountains and stunning landscapes, the music of The Gloria Record is ever flowing. Delightful, charismatic and truly magnificent, Start Here marks their long awaited departure from the gates. In the process, creating some of the most personal, powerful and moving songs since, you guess it, Mineral. Seeing as EndSerenading is a personal favorite, there are not enough words and feelings that can best describe this release.

(Arena Rock Recording Co.)