The Get Up Kids are back. Not just back with a new album, but back to a sound we fell in love with almost 20 years ago. The band are releasing their new album Problems on May 10th via Polyvinyl Records and have premiered the song “Satellite”. The song sounds wonderful- a chip off the Four Minute Mile / Something to Write Home About block, something that seemed to have been missing from their catalogue since the popularity of the latter.

But the truth is the members of the band have been very busy with projects outside of The Get Up Kids; leaving behind the burden of being heavyweights of the “emo” genre of the late 90s and early 00s. While curmudgeons like myself complained about the lack of Four Minute Mile in anything they released after 1999, there was so much great music coming from their side projects. Including The New Amsterdams, Blackpool Lights, and the more recent Radar State.

Problems is the follow-up to their Polyvinyl debut, 2018’s Kicker EP, and their first full length since 2011’s There Are Rules.

Old timers like myself have been swayed back with “Satellite”, listen to the new song above.