The Brunettes – Mars Loves Venus

Whoever says that blondes have more fun hasn’t listened to The Brunettes’ second album, Mars Loves Venus. Oozing adorability with a contrast of college-cool, The Brunettes’ sugary garage pop tunes will have you simultaneously bobbing your head as you kick your little sibling out of your room for messing with your stereo. Hailing from New Zealand, on the indie Lil’ Chief Record label (co-created by band member, Jonathan Bree), Mars Loves Venus delivers twelve tracks of delightfully cute garage pop.

Fronted by Jonathan Bree and Heather Mansfield, The Brunettes aren’t opposed to group mentality as they often stretch from five to ten combining to form the Brunettes Orchestrette. Instrumental lovers will appreciate the mixed harmonies from synthesizers, harmonica, glockenspiel, marimba, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, banjo, cello, guitar, drums and bass, all backing the tart vocals of Heather and Jonathan’s notably rumblier voice.

Discovered by a local manager in an Auckland record shop where Jonathan worked, The Brunettes were soon on the college radio wave, boosting their gigs and forming their reputation for friendly shows of delicate garage pop with clever pop culture references that kept the audience’s attention. Their captivating charm ultimately lead to a national fan base and tours along with indie favorites like The Shins, The Postal Service, Architecture in Helsinki, and the Futureheads. Not quite Lana Turner at the soda fountain, but hey, not too shabby.

Mars Loves Venus consists of dreamy acoustic pop with a penchant for snuggly melodies and tunes. For fans of orchestrated pop, garage bands, New Zealand, and brown hair, the Brunettes are a gem for any indie pop collection. 

(Lil’ Chief Records)