The Ataris – So Long, Astoria

Dear Denice,

Here I am again, writing you this letter from the road. It seems like years since I last wrote, and I have since seen so much and learned even more. I’ve been so busy since we signed to Columbia – it’s been a crazy ride, I’m living my dreams and these memories I’ve made will live with me until the day I die. I wrote you 13 new songs straight from my heart, about all the things I want to tell you; beautiful night skies, falling snow and cold winter chills of runways and December afternoons. The song “In This Diary” (I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but its on the radio!) is about the time we spent together, listening to songs from the 80’s, quoting movie lines and how it all still brings a smile to my face.

I also wrote a song about a touching letter this girl sent me. It touched me so – she was sick and her words left a lasting impression on my heart – it meant so much to me and this was the very least I could do, my words “I wish there was something I could say/to erase each and every page that you’ve been through/even though it’s not my place to save you”, I titled the song “My Reply”. Jenice, I have to tell you how much I’ve grown these past years – how life has been the pictures I’ve taken and the words I’ve written. I sincerely hope that those who buy the new CD truly understand and feel the way I’ve felt, I’ve never been so honest before – and I think it shows in the music. It’s more serene than the previous material I’ve written; more mature (we have pianos! And we even threw in a cover of The Eagles’ “The Boys of Summer”) but certainly reflective of who we’ve all become.

The long weary nights continue – Vegas, San Francisco, LA – the days never end. So for now I’ll leave you with these words, from the song “Looking Back on Today”, “If only I had more time/I’d take you where you wanted to go … if I only had one wish/I’d want a million, trillion lifetimes/that I could spend with you”.

My sincerest love, 

(Columbia Records)

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