The Aquabats – Radio Down! EP

On Radio Down!, the Aquabats continue to do what they do best and work with an aspect of their music that not enough bands are using nowadays: FUN! I don’t know why so many bands feel the need to be all dark and mysterious (there’s plenty of intimidating press photos out there to back me up) when there’s evidence of great, carefree music dating back as long as any of us can remember. This EP is a teaser for the Aquabats new album which will becoming in 2011 and I must say that, as always, things are looking bright already.

The title track, “Radio Down!” is a quintessential Aquabats song. It brings together ska influences from their early days, their more recent New Wave sound and even elements from Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself” over some of the finest, chuckle-worthy lyrics that Christian “The MC Bat Commander” Jacobs has given us. There’s also a solid rap verse dropped by Biz Markee (a regular contributor to Yo Gabba Gabba, a brainchild of Jacobs’) which fits into the song perfectly.

The other tracks are also some awesome fun tracks. Although “Best Day of My Life” provides some of the cheesiest Geek-Rock lyrics you’ll hear anywhere, it’s done over a rocking, keyboard-infused New Wave backing that reaches a climax in the song’s choruses. “Playin’ It Cool” also has lyrics on the cheesier side but they’re accomplished in such a way that they’re charming and enjoyable rather than cringe worthy. This obviously leads to smiles all around.

If you like pretty much anything else the Aquabats have ever released, I can see you enjoying this EP. It provides some fun synthpop from start right to finish. The fact there are only three tracks on the EP might stop some people from purchasing it but this is a great release for die-hard fans or anyone looking for the first dip of their toes into the vast ocean of Aquabats.

(Fearless Records)

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