Starting a Fire: An interview with A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember ended 2010 with the release of their highly acclaimed fourth studio album What Separates Me From You. Fresh into 2011, the band have premiered their new music video for “All I Want” on MTV and recently made their television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live. We caught up with guitarist Kevin Skaff and got some insight into the band’s work on their latest album.

What Separates Me From You has catapulted into the charts; debuting at #11 in the Top 200 Billboard Charts and reaching #1 in the UK Rock Album charts. How do you guys feel about this success and to which extent has it exceeded your expectations?

Skaff: We feel very grateful to be in the place we are now and we wouldn’t be here without the support of our amazing fans. We can’t thank them enough. We try to take everything one day at a time and keep expectations low so everything pretty much exceeded our expectations.

Although it might be early to think about the next release; does this put any pressure on you in regards to the next writing process?

Skaff: I don’t think so. There was suppose to be a pressure on us from Homesick as well but we just took it in stride and did what we wanted. We don’t want to be held down to have to do certain things.

At what point of the album’s process did you realize “Yeah, this rocks”?

Skaff: Very first note!

How would you personally define the progression and differences between the current album and Homesick?

Skaff: It’s a completely different experience. It’s a little more raw and thought out. And lyrically it’s a more personal album through and through.

Track listing wise the album flows perfectly. How much thought did you put into the track listing, taking into account the amount of people that now consume music by shuffling through tracks and purchasing single songs over entire albums?

Skaff: We try to put it into a roller coaster. Brings you up and down with crazy twists. It takes a few listens through to get it right but I think we achieved what we set out to do.

What was the writing process on What Separates Me From You like? Was it written over a period of time, whilst on the road, or did you take some dedicated time off to write it?

Skaff: We literally wrote this record around the world. Some songs were written on our bus in America. Some in the UK and Europe. It’s a culmination of our ideas over the past couple years. We never stop writing.

In regards to songwriting; did it come naturally or did you work on certain elements multiple nights?

Skaff: Very naturally. When you start forcing things it becomes someone else. Always stay true and write what you’re feeling.

Have you guys toyed with the idea of integrating intro snippets like on older tracks such as “1985” on future releases?

Skaff: Not yet 🙂

What would you have to say to those that haven’t had a chance to hear the album yet – What do you personally think they might find appealing?

Skaff: It’s a very honest rock album that makes you bounce your head. There’s something for everyone!

A Day To Remember’s What Separates Me From You is available now via Victory Records.