Starsailor – Silence Is Easy

In the contemporary music scene, as in most things in life, trends are often cyclical and short lived. During the late 90’s due to the popularity and staying power of bands like Radiohead and Oasis, many jumped to arms to show the world their take on British Pop. Coldplay stepped up and released a record that turned many heads and looked like they were leaps and bounds more mature than many bands imitating this sound. Unfortunately many overlooked the great debut by Starsailor called Love Is Here because many wrote them off as cheap imitation of all the aforementioned bands. Although they shared similarities with bands like Coldplay, they crafted songs that were pleasing to the ear, simple and earnest.

After a long hiatus and a shifting focus in the music scene from a more mellow sound to an aggressive rock/hardcore hybrid, many bands were left by the wayside. Many major label bands that were signed when that certain trend was hot sort of faded from the mainstream eye. Fortunately Starsailor have stayed and prove that an act caught in the waves need not falter to the “sophomore slump.” Enlisting the help of famed producer Phil Spector, they have honed in on their songwriting prowess. Hearing influences creep in from The Verve (especially in the vocal delivery), The Black Crowes and The Beach Boys make this release an interesting listen. Sometimes it seems unfocused and cloudy with songs shifting from radio friendly pop hits to long, drawn out ballads with no sort of seamless transition. The inclusion of many string arrangements make this release a very well thought out record rather than a bunch of notions that made their way to tape.

The progression this band has made with their sound is very impressive but sometimes lacks that drive and focus so apparent with other discs of this ilk. For those looking for a change of pace from the drab vintage rock acts that plague the airwaves today, Silence is Easy could do wonders.

(Capitol Records)