SPQR – Low Sun Long Shadows EP

Definitely not for everyone but a sound for the disenchanted to absorb. This is SPQR, and they’re delivering thought-provoking, stylish art rock. Four loud, unapologetic songs make up the new EP, Low Sun Long Shadows, and yes, it is different, and the concept is multi-layered. But none of these tracks fade out into the black, rather they all help spearhead this band’s elevation. 

What SPQR do well is gravitate towards keeping it fresh and daring. They don’t keep their personalities encased in cotton wool either, they don’t zip their lips, and they just tell it as it is. “Slowly” starts proceedings. The vocals bounce off and create an exhilarating chorus. The protagonist of this tale isn’t well or equipped for the daily constraints of life. The track slows and enters subtle avenues, embracing both worlds. The drum beats excel here also. “Our Mother’s Sons” is a brash punk extravaganza. It’s rough and volatile. The guitar presence is breakneck, offering a brilliant contrast. The song falls into a melodic mode until it bashfully bangs the mind again. “This Gore” opens with sentimentality running throughout it. Inside the very heart of it, there are rushes of adrenaline, there is boldness, and brazen, thumping guitar lines. It is compelling work. 

Rarely do we get acts which brush against or even try to pulverize the status-quo. SPQR are a beast of curiosity and one which will spearhead revolutions and defy the norm. It’s refreshing to hear music that overthrows the ordinary, one that forgoes cheap lyrics and one-dimensional tones.

Low Sun Long Shadows isn’t an easy listen but it isn’t a rigid one. There is so much depth and intelligence within it. You can say that SPQR are musical captivators, stretching their talents like multi-colored chewing gum, keeping together a paper love heart that has seen better days. They’re the type of act molding possibilities from bare happiness, a unique outfit orchestrating a sound for the renegades. Low Sun Long Shadows is gratifying and rebellious, and we ready for the onslaught. 

(Modern Sky UK)