Sigur Ros – ( )

There comes a time in music when a band so incredible, so remarkable, so heartfelt introduces themselves to the world. That time arrived when Sigur Ros released their debut album Agaetis Byrjun in 1999. They introduced their original sound with that 10 song album, each track over 6 minutes in length. Finally, after a almost 3 year wait, Sigur Ros is back with their third release, ( ).

Taking a somewhat different approach on this album, singer Jon Thor Birgisson creates his own language blending the native Iceland language with his own imaginative creating he calls “Hopelandic”. Filled with such creative aspects, this 8 song masterpiece is something quite beautiful. Though I can’t understand the lyrics in the songs, the vocals are pretty much just another instrument in the band.

As I listen to ( ), it puts me in a relaxed state – the music literally takes control of you as you become immersed in it. All eight songs on this album are wonderful artworks of feeling, emotion, love, and pain.

Not only is the music on this album creative and mind blowing, but so is the CD artwork. No lyrics, credits, thank you’s, or any type of writing is in the CD booklet. It consists merely of manipulated personal pictures and blank tracing paper; the band encourages the listeners to write their own lyrics and interpretations of the songs.

Unlike Agaetis Byrjun( ) consists of more than simply love songs. Songs one to four are happier tracks with more of an upbeat feel, while songs five to eight are the darker side of the album. A strange emotional drop from happiness to sadness.

Smiles, frowns and tears – that is ( ).

(MCA Records)