Rufio – Perhaps, I Suppose

A friend of mine came back from the States recommending this band to me. I never heard much from him about the general sound or style that they play but all he could rave about is how the band is “like, sooo young”. Later that night, I downloaded their song “Above Me” from Audiogalaxy and I expected another Drive-Thru happy core band singing bout girls. Thankfully, what I got was so much more. I was completely blown away by these guys…er…kids. They really seem to take the familiar girl topic as well as the songwriting and make it sound new, which I found amazing. What really blew me away is that they do it with such break-neck speeds that they could rival bands like Strung Out. Oh yeah, and the fact that most of these kids are in their late teens does add to the wonder and amazement.

This amazement sustains throughout their album Perhaps, I Suppose. The album starts off with Rufio chants taken from that movie Hook where the strong opener, “Above Me” immediately follows. The speed and energy is consistent on such songs like “Save the World”, “Dipshit”, and “‘Road to Recovery” (my current favorite). They also find time to slow down but keep up that energy with “One Slowdance”, “She Cries”, and “Tears”. One downside is pretty much the sound and recording quality of the album but the songs themselves make up for that. A very powerful release indeed. Scratch another band that I really love yet I’m never gonna see live. Sigh.

(The Militia Group)