Bridge & Tunnel – Bridge & Tunnel 7″

In a case of “better late than never,” I recently came across No Idea artists Bridge & Tunnel– formed from the ashes of favorites Latterman, this New York-based band draws comparisons to the seemingly distant sounds of emo’s Midwestern swing.

Popularized by the likes of the Get Up Kids, Enkindel (or The Enkindels), and to a certain extent, Chamberlain, Bridge & Tunnel’s brand of rock is both incredibly moving, and easy to connect with. Their guitars fuzz with distinction and their male/female vocal spark works almost effortlessly- coming across as an aching brand of raw; not overly produced or textured. At times, they remind me a little of Boxer- both in production quality and musicianship (save the uptempo elements of Boxer’s material), and if you are a fan of the aforementioned, you will definitely want to reminisce a little with this.

The only problem thus far is that they’ve only managed a 7″ record (which came out in May of 07)- 4 songs that wet your appetite but does little to satiate that hunger for more. Nonetheless, a little is better than none, and its success resides in its leaving the listener with the anticipation a full length release- which we hope is not too far off on the horizon.

(No Idea Records)

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