Where do you start when it comes to the music and bands that would ultimately define you? How do you compress a lifetime’s worth into an hour? The punk explosion of the mid-90’s played in important part in many a suburban teenager’s life- and its long serving effects are still being felt today. While some will discredit the movement for homogenizing a previously (and notoriously) underground element, one can also see its positive influence on the world.

Speaking personally, without it, I would have never found the vast and incredibly life-altering artistic appeal of a scene buried deep beneath the surface. Whether it was hardcore, post-hardcore, indie, or punk in its earlier forms, bands like Green Day and Offspring were the gateways to enlightenment, activism, and self-reliance.

This Twitter based-project, Punk In The 90s, is fun and nostalgic way to remember and revisits ome of the bands that made it big during this time period. Bands that went on to influence millions of listeners around the world. It is also about remembering those who were fueled by the mega label’s who sought to cash in on this trend, and ultimately sank under the weight of expectations.

It is also about remembering some great music that to this day, still resonate.