Volvo’s offshoot performance brand Polestar have just lifted the covers off their first high-performance hybrid electric vehicle, the Polestar 1.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Polestar 1 will see Volvo join the electric vehicle battle. Alongside other European luxury brands like Jaguar, Polestar is charging up to compete against current electric vehicle leader Tesla with an onslaught of EVs over the next few years.

Starting with the Polestar 1, the 600-horsepower (yes, 600) sports car features a hybrid drivetrain. It has two electric motors that power the rear wheels and a combustion engine that drives the front. The electric motors are good for 218 hp (160kw) and 354 pound-feet (480 Nm) of torque while the in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine powers the front wheels. Combined, it provides the Polestar 1 with 600 horses worth of power.

Netflix and Drive

The car’s sleek, two-door sports coupe look makes it a winner on the surface, but Polestar is promising more than just good looks and performance. The sports car will be one of the first offered on a subscription basis to consumers, available on a 2 or 3 year term. Those subscribing to the service will receive a host of benefits including on-demand services like pick-up and delivery,  while having insurance and maintenance covered. Polestar have said the monthly fee option aims to take;

“the traditional hassle out of vehicle ownership and allows the customer to focus on the enjoyment of driving.”

You can of course, purchase the 1 outright if you choose to do so.

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While Polestar have not announced prices for an outright purchase or a subscription fee as of yet, those interested in getting their hands on a Polestar 1 can start pre-ordering the car from the 13 of March with a refundable USD$3000 deposit.

Production is set to begin mid 2019 at Volvo’s new Polestar Production Centre in China. For the initial launch, the 1 will be available in six markets; China, the US, Sweden, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands, with 12 additional markets (including Canada and the UK) to follow after.

The 1 is the first of 3 new vehicles promised by the Swedish automaker. Following the 1, we can expect a Model 3 battling mid-sized Polestar 2, followed by a larger, SUV-sized Polestar 3 over the next few years.

While the 2 and 3 seem to be taking the more practical route, it is fantastic to see that Polestar is being aggressive at launch with a car that is both aesthetically appealing and performance minded. It is distinctly better looking than a Model S (no need to compare it to a Model 3), and has an interior fitting of the Volvo name.

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