Over It – Step Outside Yourself

The boys of Over It have been garnering their “up-and-coming” status for quite sometime now, and it seems with this release that they finally have a chance to shine. They started like most bands, releasing an EP independently, and luckily gaining themselves enough steam to score a shiny little record deal it indie breeding ground Lobster Records. They put out some material there for a couple of years, including their very well regarded full-length release Silverstrand. That one did so good that it scored the boys of Over It some major attention from publications such as Alternative Press, and Revolver Magazine; and most importantly a happy new home at Virgin Records.

With their new home at Virgin came the opportunity to put some heart, time, and a little bit of someone else’s money into a major label debut; and the fruit of that labor is, and I’m glad to introduce you to it, Step Outside Yourself.

The sound that Over It have hammered down on this record is perfect, catchy pop-punk. It’s so darn good that you can’t help but love it. Imagine both Saves The Day, and Yellowcard at their best; and you have a pretty good representation of what’s to find.

The instantly catchy “Think Against The Grain” opens this one up, and the whole record just never let’s go. Catchy hooks abound, and sing-along anthems are littered throughout. Highlights include the aforementioned opener, the instantly lovable mid-tempo number “Where The Sky Begins,” and my personal pick for ‘song most likely to be used by a million and one MySpace kids’; the can’t help but love it number, “Your Song.”

If Over It has ever had a chance to break out of their ‘I heard them first’ status, that hope would undoubtedly lie on the hefty shoulders of Step Outside Yourself. It’s exactly what is tearing up the charts right now, and it does everything as good as, if not better, than most of the bands gobbling up all the numbers currently. It’s punk-pop in it’s most unabashed, and fun; what more could you want.

This is a stellar record, and I recommend you check it out.

(Virgin Records)