There’s a new Dan Vapid and the Cheats song and hot damn it’s good.

It’s called “The Time We Get” and is slated to appear on their upcoming album Three, due March 15th on Eccentric Pop Records.

Vapid, of course, has been involved with some of everyone’s favorite pop-tinged punk bands- The Methadones, Riverdales and of course, Screeching Weasel– but he’s been flourishing with the Cheats. Their 2012 self-titled debut was one of my favorites and this new song, soaked in power pop melancholia, makes me feel things.

Speaking to Jaded in Chicago, Vapid talked about the process of recording the new album and some of the obstacles he faced;

“The issue I kept facing was scheduling rehearsal and recording time while juggling three kids, a new job, and selling and buying a home. It took a lot of effort, but we figured out a way to get it done. With many of the sessions for this record, I was putting the kids to bed, then driving 45 minutes to St. Louis, tracking for two or three hours and then driving back home so I could work the following morning. It was crazy but I got through it.”

Got to admire his dedication. If “The Time We Get” is anything to go by, Three will be a power pop record we’ll be talking about come year’s end.