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Like father, like son: That’s My Jazz

That’s My Jazz is a beautiful story about fathers and sons



That’s My Jazz is a short (14 mins) documentary that details the story of pastry chef Milton Abel II. He is the son of renowned Kansas City jazz musician Milton Abel Sr who made a name in the local jazz circle. The documentary is a beautifully shot piece that tells the story from the perspective of Abel II- reminiscing about life growing up the son of a famous jazz musician and how it would ultimately shape his own life as a pastry chef.

The documentary was made by Breakwater Studios and aside from it being visually arresting, it is a very well put together story of the oft-complex relationship between fathers and sons. The crux of the story is the question Milton Abel II has asked himself- would he trade his successful career as a pastry chef to have stayed home to take care of his aging father?

As the film opens, he states

“If you were to put a button in front of me today where we would go back and I would say ‘no’ to the French Laundry and stay at home with my dad, live in a split-level apartment, take care of him, I would hit that button.”

Abel Sr. passed away some 12 years ago and the film asks the hard question of whether or not one should forgo the potential of a future for familial responsibility. One that Abel II clearly answers.

However, the film isn’t just about this moral dilemma, it is also about the connection one has with their craft. In this case, the similarity between the dedication it takes to be a renowned pastry chef and that of a legendary jazz musician. The film is soundtracked by jazz’s timeless sound, adding to the short film’s remarkable resonance. As the film concludes, we find that there is a circular grace to life- and that the choices we make going forward will at times find its way back to the beginning.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Abel II says with simplicity, that in the end regardless of your work, your children care about one thing above all;

“They don’t care if dad is a great pastry chef. They just care that dad is a great dad.”

If you have 15 minutes, That’s My Jazz is well worth your time.


Hangtime share “Can I Take You Out” video

There’s no escaping the 90s sound




Not too long ago we had a short chat with Canadian pop-punk band Hangtime about their new EP and the video for the track “One Nine Nine Five”. The aptly titled song is a throwback to a pop punk thought long gone but as this Toronto band will attest, is by no means dead. Now the band have debuted their new music video for the track “Can I Take You Out”; a sweetly romantic, melodic pop punk ode.

The track is a cut from their 2019 EP Invasion, which you can pick up via Bandcamp. Hangtime have a couple of upcoming Canadian shows on the horizon; with all the details available on their Facebook page.

When we spoke to the band and where their sound comes from, guitarist/vocalist Warren Gregson explained their influences;

“There’s no escaping the 90s sound I’m afraid, that’s just who we are. Actually, our biggest influences go back further than that. Most of us were first listening to bands like ALL, Misfits, Dag Nasty, Big Drill Car, Bad Religion, Doughboys, Nils… etc, back in the 80’s. I suppose that’s where the 90s sound for many other bands originated as well.”

Check out the new video and let’s reminisce about some good old school pop punk.

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Longwave return with “If We Ever Live Forever”

Longwave still know how to make an impression



New York indie rockers Longwave are returning with their first album in a decade. Titled If We Ever Live Forever, the album is the follow-up to 2008’s Secrets Are Sinister. The band have recently been releasing new music over the last year, with the single “Stay With Me” hitting airwaves in October of last year. Longwave have now revealed the music video for the new song “If We Ever Live Forever”, which you can view above.

If We Ever Live Forever is due for release October 25th via Bodan Kuma Recordings and will be followed by a short run of dates through the eastern side of North America. You can pre-order the new Longwave album from the band’s webstore.

Longwave first burst on to the scene with 2000’s Endsongs, but really started making waves with their 2003 release The Strangest Things (which included the hit single “Tidal Wave”). The latter was the band’s major label debut for RCA Records. We last covered Longwave in 2005, reviewing their terrific album There’s A Fire.

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