KittyKat DirtNap – I Am A Robot, I Am Talking Like A Robot, I Am A Robot

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” best applies to the debut full-length album from Philadelphia’s KittyKat DirtNap. By just looking at the name of this band and then glancing at song titles such as “(Getting Caught Enjoying) Phil Collins” and “(Hold Me Closer) Tony Danza,” you wonder if this band is just good for a few laughs. Not the case though, not even close.

KittyKat DirtNap are one of the most clever and witty bands out there today. They manage to keep things as light hearted as possible, but when the music hits, they can be as serious as possible. With a unique name and matchless song titles, you definitely can see that there are some light bulb’s going on upstairs as well as an intense sense of humor. The music however is so much more than a goofy band name and laughable titled tracks; the music is newly baked and inventive.

With a strong pop influence making its way into the music with buzzing guitars and an energetic synth keyboard, you get the general idea of the unique blend of music incorporated into the sound of KittyKat DirtNap. The use of the keyboards and synthesizer are used in a very exceptional dynamic. First of all, it’s not just used as background filler; it’s used to lead these songs in terms of rhythm and catchiness. At times I can definitely hear 80s influences with the keyboard sound, but then the guitars and drums are used in more traditional rock fashion and the merge turns out to be very engaging. The keyboards and synth also incorporate many innovative, eccentric type sounds and hooks that give new meaning to power pop.

This album also does an admirable job of using the dual male/female vocals attack. There is such a great delight and joy in hearing the combination of guitarist Adam Eckhoff and synth-queen Robyn Montella trading off vocals. Eckhoff gets loud and stern with his vocals and Montella sweetens everything up when her turn comes to step in and sing. They blend so well together and it has to be one of the strongest aspects on their debut full-length album. They know when is too much and when is too little in terms of the vocals.

KittyKat DirtNap definitely gets a massive edge in delivering an album that in many regards, offers something extremely distinctive. There is a little something in KittyKat DirtNap that I think everyone can relate to. There is humor, fun, anger, sincerity, emotion, and probably a few other things as well. I kind of like that and I think most other people do to.

(Wonkavision Records)