Ke$ha – Cannibal EP

What is a Ke$ha? A creation that baffles with its glitter-spangled fangs laden with synthesised chart topping symphonies? Or simply another addition to the ever growing stack of disposable entities of the 21st century? Judging by her sophomore effort, Ke$ha’s definition is still hazy. 

Less than a year after releasing her first album (Animal), Ke$ha returns with a 9 track EP entitled Cannibal, and the title is directly proportional to the lyrical content: fierce. Ke$ha rips into anyone standing in her way, and her target is mainly the entire male species:

Use your finger to stir my tea / And for dessert I’ll suck your teeth”

“Sleazy” also sees Ke$ha enter newfound territory, showcasing her rapping abilities. Although fairly simplistic, she pulls it off quite believably: “I’m not gonna sit here while you circle, jerk it and work it/Imma take it back to where my man and my girls is”

Regarding lyrical content, for the most part it is pretty samey. “Grow A Pear” and “C U Next Tuesday” are laden with innuendos, and personally my least favourite on the EP. One of the stand outs however, is “We R Who We R” (annoyingly stylized), and one of the songs you can’t help but love no matter how juvenile it seems. One thing to say about Ke$ha is that she will stand up for the outsider, after largely being one herself. Other stand outs include the strong ballad “The Harold Song” wherein we learn that Ke$ha can actually belt out a decent few notes. “Blow” (which is surprisingly not a shocking innuendo) creates the idea of not only being a ring leader, but shows we mightn’t have seen the whole Ke$ha just yet, as the song leads the way into a sinister pitfall:

“Follow my lead / Now you’re one of us / You’re coming with me”

Although not a perfect record, it has a fair few memorable moments, and furthermore defines the Ke$ha we think we know. Whether or not we’ve gained a full picture of who she is as an artist though is questionable. However, with the prospect of seeing multiple genres coming through with each album, I would be happy to continue to be baffled by the glitter tinged embodiment that goes by the name of Ke$ha.

(RCA Records)

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