John Floreani debuts “Echoes”

The longawaited return of John Floreani is here! Having previously released a singular EP, (Terrace, 2014) and a single, (“Cleveland OH”, 2016) under the mantel of Little Brother, Floreani has been playing the same songs for so long now, fans have been going insane waiting for this.

Floreani has obviously been preoccupied with the near non-stop touring that has come with his band Trophy Eyes’ rise to world domination, but managed to fit in the time last year to finally record the album that everyone has been patiently waiting for. Speaking as a long term fan myself, it is incredible to finally be able to hear what he has been sitting on this whole time.

Floreani has dropped his brand new single, “Echoes”, and has announced that his debut album, titled Sin, will be out on June 7th via Hopeless Records.

“Echoes” is definitely a step-up production wise for Floreani, and is definitely a step away from the predominately acoustic sound he has utilised in the past. Seemingly now using a lot of synth and drums, as well as the acoustic guitar, it all combines to create an enormous sounding yet soothing anthem about a struggling relationship.

His vocals are soft and harmonious, and make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. Dreamlike yet simplistic, the atmosphere “Echoes” creates is fantastic, and I already cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.

Check out “Echoes” below. You can pre-order Sin here.

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