With his perfectly manicured hands dipped seductively in everything from a blossoming music career to an upcoming reality TV show (with flamboyant interior designer Bobby Trendy as a speculated co-star) this multifaceted media magnet’s alluring saccharine-like persona is leaking from screen, stage, and song into millions of admiring minds. Welcome to the phenomenon that is Jeffree Star: internet icon, boyfriend bandit, makeup mogul, and versatile VIP personality. 

In many ways, Star stands taller than his prettiest lone pair of stiletto heels as the anti-Paris Hilton; sharp and well-spoken, sardonic and hardworking, excessive and arrogant in the way that harbors within onlookers jealousy, not nausea. Beneath a sea of Botox and hair dye lies, at the core, one of the most original personalities in modern day fame with the savoir-faire to bypass pleasantries and modesties. And why shouldn’t he? Life is far too short, and Star’s got a world to conquer. 

Did you always feel as though fame and glamour was your destiny?

Star: When I was a child, I always felt like I had to be the star of the show. Not because I was self-absorbed, but because I offered more than everyone else; meaning my opinions and how much effort I put into things. So as I started my high school journey, I didn’t feel like I fit into any category. Everyone wanted to work at Wal-Mart, go to college or use their parents forever. I wanted to create art, pursue my makeup career and make a name for myself. So I’d say yes, I always wanted my name in pink lights, and glamour came naturally. 

You started out as a makeup artist. Were there any inspirations for that side of your talent or does it all just come from you?

Star: Reading my mother’s copies of Vogue and Cosmo got me interested in fashion and makeup. I would see a cool editorial and want to look like the models in the photos. And when I say, “look like,” I don’t mean anorexic and dying, I mean their hair and makeup looks. I started practicing on myself and all my friends, which let me be as creative as I wanted. Fashion, MAC Cosmetics ads- that inspired me to go all out and have fun with my talent. 

In a world where image is absolutely everything, you look physically flawless yet still talk about the importance of inner beauty. If the two were mutually exclusive and you had to choose between being gorgeous on the inside or outside, which would you choose and why?

Star: The inside. And I’m sure everyone can roll their eyes because they think my image is so important to me… but my intelligence is what’s important. Whether I’m fucking ugly or really attractive, I’d still like to have a brain because that’s all that matters. Past the pink hair and fake eyelashes, I actually have a lot to say, which some may not know. I’m not just another pretty face. I’m a billboard advertising how disgusting beauty is. It’s time for a major change in what people view as “hot.” It makes me sad to see girls asking me if they’re “pretty” because they saw the cover of W Magazine and they don’t look like that… sorry, but no one’s airbrushed in real life and all of those bitches you see in a magazine have problems just like the rest of the world. I want everyone to like themselves, because no one should feel insecure. 

What is the most boring, normal thing you do? It’s hard to imagine you running off to the post office or something. 

Star: Funny you say that, because last week I was picking up a package at the post office and this man got in a huge fight with me because he started asking me stupid questions like, “Are you a guy or a girl?” It turned really ugly, because I asked him to lick my pussy and he got really offended. It’s funny how a stranger can violate my privacy, but I’m not allowed to say what I want. It ended up with me spitting on him and throwing my Starbucks vanilla bean frap all over his Benz. Oops. I guess that isn’t boring, because everywhere I go there’s gonna be attention, but it’s mostly positive. I guess if you wanna think boring, just imagine me laying around in my king-size pink bed reading a book and listening to Kylie. 

What is the juiciest story of boyfriend swindling you’ve got for us?

Star: There are so many, I sometimes forget that I’m actually a real person. I mean, only I could manage to psychologically be cool enough for guys that have never touched another guy to try it out and like it. God really must be a cunt if he made the rule of “guys and girls should only be together” because in my world, guys are calling me during the middle of the night for a late night tip. Obviously, times are really changing… but maybe just in my world? Guys need a break from vagina! They want pink ice cream cones and oral sex done the right way. That’s where I enter the room, dressed in nothing but a diamond thong. Recently, one of my [female] friends had been talking to this guy on Myspace, so I messaged him and said “Come over.” We went out to a club that night, and she was there… in shock of course, because her crush was in my hand. I may be burning in hell, but at least I’m proving my point. Oh, and the guy has a three-year-old baby at home. 

How do you feel about breaking, or at least beginning to break, the stigma attached to plastic surgery and those who choose to get it? 

Star: Most people don’t realize how many people worldwide are actually getting plastic surgery. Obviously, not everyone in your neighborhood is gonna have breast implants or a new nose, but it’s so common now that everyone better get over it and embrace the plastic world we live in. Isn’t it amazing to be able to go to sleep and wake up with a new face? I’m not a poster child for surgery- but I do tell everyone that if it makes you happy, then why not do it? Everyone needs self-esteem. 

What new path in your career are you most looking forward to?

Star: Everything, actually. I’m in the works of creating my own makeup line to be sold online and everywhere else. I’m about to sign a deal for my own reality TV show, and in the next few months I’ll be playing some huge shows. I want my hands in everything. I don’t just wanna sit around and wait for one thing to go through, I want it to spiral out of control. Music was something I never considered as my full-time job until recently. Now that I’ve experienced all the hard work of touring, I fell in love with it and now I’m recording more real songs and changing my style up. The future is mine. 

What advice do you have to people as unconventional and magnetic as you, people who want to be known? 

Star: One thing. Do something different, because everyone’s so boring. I’m falling asleep as we speak; I can’t look at another fucking band in a magazine or on MTV because it’s all been done before. Wow, nice black hair and eyeliner. Next! Not to say that’s only in the “music” world … because it’s in every world. If you wanna do anything, make sure it stands out and that you’re bringing something new to the table. You’ll be heard.

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