Who doesn’t love some good power pop? Los Angeles rocker Jeff Whalen certainly does. The frontman for LA band Tsar recently released his solo album 10 More Rock Super Hits, and to complement the release, has a brand new video for the track “The Alien Lanes”.

Think of some great Cheap Trick licks, some Butch Walker melodies and you’ve got “Alien Lanes”. The song brings with it some good summer vibes and a chorus that’ll stick with you long after the song is over. The video however, is a strange, kooky, spiral down a weird acid trip. Whalen talked about the song and what it’s about;

[it’s about] “a magic girl in her room who transforms after listening to the radio, and the illusion she shatters, freeing us from the grim tyranny of our programmed limitations and exposing the incredible miracle of our authentic selves and our true reality.”

10 More Rock Super Hits was released this past February via Super Mega Bot and was produced by Linus of Hollywood (Nerf Herder, Bowling for Soup). Whalen released the video for the track “Jendy” back in January.

Check out the video for “The Alien Lanes” above. Sweet, sweet tune.