Ima Robot – Public Access EP

Major labels as well as the more obscure independent labels (though I hate to admit it) are spitting out mass amounts of bad records in an attempt to latch on to and profit from the trends as relayed from the MTV statistics (or simply out of bad taste). Over-feeding hungry and ignorant ears with sub par performances seems to be the only thing such labels and horrendous institutions such as MTV are good at. It is a shame really. Imagine all the magnificent records their evil machines could be cranking out, slowly inching away from the dark side. In fact, I bet if the equipment were given a voice they would take a stand and establish a decent standard of music they are willing to press and copy.

Instead of waiting for the rise of the machines (I apologize for I have been constantly bombarded by Terminator 3 previews) we must, for now at least, take things into our own hands. Many may see our future as bleak, cheaply melodic, bland, and overproduced but I have faith that an artist or group will come about and break the vicious cycle of breeding and raising unoriginal, talentless, money hungry leeches who grab onto a once revolutionary concept (nothing wrong with that) then continue to beat you over the head with it until you are black and blue. I suppose I am cheating when I say I have faith for I have already experienced the wrath of an extraordinary new wave/punk pop group, Ima Robot.

Public Access is definitely something I find myself spinning when I am getting ready or just need a little pick me up as far as energy goes. Key in the ignition with “12=3 (Here Comes The Doctor)” Ima Robot is just warming up. “Black Jettas” is amusingly reminiscent of the 80’s though far better than most songs from way back then (perhaps my favorite of the EP). “Sex Symbols On Parade” hints at Television (some say the Sex Pistols) as well as other pre-punk or old school punk groups and artists (depends on how you view the timeline of the genre) and definitely holds your interest. The poppy “The Beat Goes On” puts a smile on your face while acquiescing you to tap your feet and perhaps even bop your head and dance.

Ima Robot seems to be well on their way to starting a revolution among machines. If only others follow their example we may soon have ourselves some decent music. In case my word is not enough to convince you to check this band out then consider the musical background of this group. Collectively this band has worked with Beck for at least a decade, Mars Volta, REM, Tori Amos, Johnny Cash, The Vines and The Smashing Pumpkins to name a few. With a record producer and part-time actor amongst them, imagine the eclectic, alternative, and original sounds that emanate in their practice space (and this EP).

(Virgin Records / EMI)

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