It is apparent that the musical lifeblood of Rivers Cuomo was sucked out of him by the good music vampire years ago- and ever since Weezer have been plodding along releasing one mediocre album after another. The great mystery of where Cuomo’s talent had until recently, never been solved. It seems that maybe, just maybe some of that talent has found its way to Cleveland rockers Heart Attack Man, the brainchild of Eric Egan.

Egan, the frontman of Heart Attack Man, has along with his fellow band members built a burgeoning following with their hook-laden, alternative-fueled brand of rock. Not only are they good at the music stuff, but they’re pretty good at building a following on generation now’s preferred mode of communication- social media. Truth be told, we’re not good at any of the social, but we are good at identifying good music. As soon as the opening guitar strums of their new song “Out for Blood” echoed in our ears, we knew that Heart Attack Man were special.

Evoking the same kind of emotion that “My Name is Jonas” did, “Out for Blood” is just a small sampling of the band’s ability to craft a good song. Truth be told, there’s much to like on their debut album Fake Blood (more on that later), and this song is just one of the memorable tracks from the release.

Check out “Out for Blood” below and wonder no more if the songwriting spirit of Rivers Cuomo is alive or not. It is, it’s just in Heart Attack Man.

Fake Blood is out April 19th on Triple Crown Records.

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