Grade – Headfirst Straight to Hell

Canada’s Grade are quickly becoming one of the most talked about bands in the underground hardcore/emo scene- and for good reason! After several early releases, and the success of their Victory Records debut full-length, Under the Radar, Grade seemed ready to take on the world. “Headfirst Straight to Hell” does just that! 

A chaotic cacophony of melodic sounds, these 13 tracks are a ride of pure adrenaline, passion, and brutal emotions. Their patented searing double guitar inter lays are omnipresent on every track, and introduce the band to it’s first actual taste of metal-riffing (which had always been hinted at) in tracks like “In the Wake of Poseidon.” 

Kyle Bishop’s unique singing style accentuates this musical tour de force to no end, making perfect use and resourcefulness of his melodies and growls. The space-age jazz and eerie wind outros showcase the musical and creative talents of this band even more. This album reeks of success and originality, not to mention the incredible cover artwork! Pick this up, or be left behind.

(Victory Records)