Goldfrapp – Black Cherry

It seems that the one place where celebrities, money makers and rump shakers enjoy themselves most is at the infamous Playboy mansion. Yes, Hef’s pad seems to bring out the animal in most human beings. Whether it is that wild, unadulterated aura or the bevy of buxom beauties, it’s safe to say that what happens behind those closed doors will remain unknown to the likes of you and I (unless of course, either you or I become such celebrity – in the case of the former, I’m sure you’ll need a friend to tag along). We can imagine however, some of things that may happen: wild parties, heavy boozing and a whole lot of skin. And if our imagination serves us right, the music that would incite such behavior would be akin to the sensual synthesized sounds of Goldfrapp (yes, the alcohol would most likely be a factor, but we’ll pretend our imaginations are far more sophisticated than that).

Goldfrapp are the UK duo of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, and Black Cherry is their auspicious, flavored follow up to their successful Felt Mountain release. Distinctly aural, they manage to meld and bend synthesized sounds into dynamic, “trippy” and seductive numbers. You can almost picture it; one of Hef’s playmates getting up close and personal with some celeb to the throbbing, pulsating beats of the track “Train”. Punctuated by Alison Goldfrapp’s vibrant, sexy voice, it simply oozes sexual elegance. While that particular track certainly suits the dance club floor, the next track is more in tune to candle lights and star lit nights. The track “Black Cherry” is almost ballad like, albeit the electronic induced types, but one that such pop luminary like Madonna and Kylie Minogue could sveltely croon. While Goldfrapp could easily adorn the radio charts (take a listen to the jangly, beepy, robotic “Tiptoe”), their greatest quality is the notion of mystery and lustful imagination that emanates so cleverly from the record.

Yes, this is abstract – however, its strangeness lies not in obscure twists, but rather in its ability to tap into dark fantastic senses. This electronic, synthesized frenzy is perhaps the perfect blend of earthy songwriting and modern, conceptual music. And if I were ever to call Hef – “Hef”, he’d probably have me arrested. And if this review is far too racy for thy sheltered eyes and ears, we’ll try to sugarcoat it the best we can:

Today’s review is brought to you by the letter ‘S’ – for “Sexy”, “Sensual” and “Seductive”.

(Mute Records)