Glasseater – Everything is Beautiful When You Don’t Look Down

Do you ever buy a record only to find that the album consists of multiple, cleverly disguised renditions of two or three songs? In this musically-challenged indie rock scene where dogs with few tricks are gobbled up by labels long before they should be allowed to record ANYTHING, true rock fans can appreciate a band like Glasseater. While their brand of hardcore-influenced melodic punk is nothing revolutionary, Glasseater has managed to create a solid rock album with songs that are clearly different from one another. The Miami-based outfit is at their finest on Everything is Beautiful When You Don’t Look Down, the band’s best work in their five year history.

What truly places Glasseater at the top of the indie rock pig pile are their memorable sing-along hooks and guitar riffs on highlights like “Art of Communication,” “Break Away,” and the title track. The band benefit from the production of James Wisner, who has also worked with fellow Floridians Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory in their respective pre-“we sold our souls to radio” eras. The album is not overproduced, nor is it unflatteringly raw, and it captures the band’s energy and natural sound.

“Greetings … Goodbye” sets the pace with Nate VanDame’s fierce drumming and Julio Marin’s contrasting melodic vocals. Aggressive backing vocals add a rough edge to Glasseater’s otherwise polished punk sound and guitarists Ariel Arro and J.C. Lopez add dimension and heaviness, though primarily sticking with the tried and true power chord formula. Lyrically, Marin does not take a typical sunny optimistic approach, instead focusing on real human emotions and the vicissitudes of life. “To Feel Adored,” a song that addresses depression and pain suffered at the hands of “shallow people living shallow lives,” brings the album to a close on a darker note, culminating the lyrical theme of isolation, love lost, and starting over.

Glasseater have come a long way on their latest, proving that these underrated rockers are worthy of the praise and attention that has unfortunately overlooked them in the past. The only element they lack is a differentiating style to set them apart from the many other similar bands out there. With melodic intensity that rivals such bands as No Use For A Name, Thrice, and Senses Fail, and hooks that draw the listener in, Everything is Beautiful When You Don’t Look Down will keep your fickle ears entertained for a solid 34 minutes.

(Victory Records)