Get Well Soon – You’ll Find Your Own Escape

I think it might be something in the water, but it seems like every band to come out of Southern California has been amazing as of late. The newest band to amaze me is Get Well Soon. This unsigned 4-piece is bound to gain some recognition when people get a hold of their debut full length album, You’ll Find Your Own Escape. The 11 song LP is jammed packed with the band’s signature blend of emo/pop punk and power pop that so permeates today’s scene. 

They were approached by many labels but decided to self-release this LP like they did with their previous EP titled …All Or Nothing At All. “Hey McFly”, “Daylight Savings”, “McCarthy Hall” are all songs that showcase this band’s current style. The lyrics on this album are down to earth and relate to the common heart broken person. They have shared stages with such bands as Flickerstick, Finch, Rufio, Goldfinger, and The Beautiful Mistake, and if they keep up what they are doing, then they might have a chance at becoming the pop punk/emo scene’s next big thing.