Frank Sinatra – The Christmas Collection

‘Tis the season to be grateful and loving for what we have and to those we love. Frank Sinatra has arrived with another Christmas collection for his fans old and new. Old favorites and unreleased songs compose the majority of this collection. From songs like “Silent Night” to the “12 Days of Christmas” (Sinatra style), the collection keeps a smile on my face as I scrounge up money for presents. It’s the perfect time of the year for good tunes and classic sing-a-longs, and Sinatra has once again provided the music. Ol’ Blue Eyes has put together a compilation of Christmas classics done with gleaming trumpets and rat pack flair. The album also includes previously unreleased songs from TV shows and family albums by the whole Sinatra family.

Sinatra has been such a great voice over the years singing songs and making dreams come true for millions everywhere. With a new generation of fans coming into the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if Frank Sinatra affects their lives as well. His smooth and rigid-less voice sways any listener to start singing along, and with the Christmas Collection, now anyone can go home and sing carols with Sinatra. It’s great for listening with some friends, or for when you’re baking that lovely Christmas turkey. Sinatra has no other place to be but in the hearts of all his fans. Old or new, boy or girl, Ol’ Blue Eyes knows how to sing the notes and he knows how to sing them well. Even years after his death, Sinatra is making the holidays a joyous time; and in this wonderful world, anyone can be a star.

(Reprise Records)