In what can only be described as explosive rock, the music and personalities of Temecula’s Finch have become prevalent entities in today’s vastly popular contemporary punk scene. With the recent release of their debut full length CD titled “What it is to Burn” on Drive Thru Records, Finch has been spotted everywhere. From tremendous reviews to high-energy live performances, it’s difficult to escape the powerful and passionate music that drives this band. They pound your eardrums with sonic bursts of emotionally charged vocals and then burn you through with catchy, hook-laden melody and rhythm. Passion seemingly rooted in the routine of life, vocalist and songwriter Nate Barcalow professes, “I draw upon all aspects of life for inspiration, some songs are inspired by past relationships, friendships, growing up and death. Just all the things I feel and all the things that affect me I’ll write about.”

It’s never easy to stamp your signature in an industry’s long running status poll, but as the media develops along with it, the opportunities for bands seem endless. Finch is no different, with the increased interaction between fans and media; they’ve been able to reach a larger, more diverse audience. “I think with all the forms of media that are available to kids now, it has affected the band and any success we’ve had in a very positive way. I’m sure our album being all over the net for it to be downloaded has affected the album sales, but we don’t care, we’re just happy we can be heard,” says Alex, who makes the point that with all their recent success, what matters most is that they’ll be around for a long time to come, “The only goal I really have for our career is longevity, to keep putting out records as long as we can still write good music, and as long as we’re still having fun and loving what we’re doing.”

Finch can also boast one significant advantage they share with only the best artists today; they were fortunate to have one of the best record producers in the business helm their project. Mark Trombino’s résumé boasts some of the biggest and brightest artists, which now includes Finch. “I honestly can’t say enough good things about Mark, he’s such a great person, I love working with him, there’s no other person I would trust with our music. I can’t wait to record another album just so I can hangout with Mark everyday,” states Alex. It’s with the fusion of the band’s talent and passion combined with Trombino’s work that Finch’s records are of the highest quality, which makes their success and popularity no secret. A success they’re set to take across oceans and continents, “It definitely is a great feeling, knowing that our music is being heard all over the world and that we have the opportunity to fly over there and play for them.” Good news for fans in the United Kingdom as Finch will take the stage with MCA stars New Found Glory and label mates The Starting Line. Of course, their relentless touring will see them back in the United States playing a handful of dates before taking their show to this year’s Warped Tour.

It can be said that the response Finch has had, it’s been the perfect beginning. Only time will tell if in the years ahead, their hard work, touring and songwriting will solidify them as the enduring music entity they so desire to be, but as Alex explains, some things are just more important, “Everyone’s opinion is important to me to some degree, some more than others, but in the future all I could really ask for is for my band to be respected, and that’s about it.” 

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