Emerson Snowe reveals what it is to be “Human”

Brisbane indie rocker Emerson Snowe is anything but conventional. The new song/video “Human”, is just a small example of his personality, his eccentricity, and his artful view on what it is to be human.

Born Jarrod Mahon but taking the moniker of Emerson Snowe, his music is a sharp throwback to the wiry, spacey avant-garde rock of yesteryear. The song “Human”, as explained by Snowe, is a song about overcoming life’s obstacles through the growth in relationships- being human;

Unlike my other songs this is me talking to more than one person; it’s to my parents and trying to understand the relationship I have with them and how it co-aligns with who I am. I have always been quite aware of how I always self-sabotage and I feel it is coming back into my life more recently – but now that I have more of a goal I’m starting to see and feel beautiful things. I’m glad I’m here.”

“Human” is a cut off his upcoming debut EP That’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, due out May 10th on Liberation Records.

Check out the video below:

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