On the surface it seems an odd marriage- Converge; four grisly dudes from Massachusetts who’ve spent the last twenty-nine years pioneering a much copied but rarely equalled brand of chaotic yet enthralling metalcore. And in the other corner you have The Cure– a band whose elegant talents have irrevocably shaped the pop music world. At first glance it may appear a strange combination but this track is one of the most inspired covers I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.

Converge are renowned for their breakneck speed and ferocity but their fans know that they’re more than just thrashers. Tracks like “Grim Heart/Black Rose” show that Converge can be just as crushing in those quieter moments of introspection. It is this overlooked skill that comes to the fore on this number.

Recorded back in 1999 for their Y2K EP, the track begins with a soft intro. Jacob Bannon’s whispered vocals are barely audible over the distortion and guitar. It is here that Converge show themselves as masters of their craft; slowly creating a hypnotic soundscape that builds up the tension so that when Bannon simmering anger finally boils over as he screams “I never said I would stay to the end,” you are completely entranced. The slow, quiet build-up and the sudden, violent explosion of self-loathing takes an already depressing song and amplifies its emotionally devastating effect on the listener. Robert Smith would be proud.

Listen to “Disintegration”:

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