Japanese math rock band Tricot have been making music since 2010, toured extensively around Asia, the UK (including opening for the Pixies), as well as recent tours through North America. Their music, a combination of math rock’s angular sensibilities with alternative rock’s fuzzed out flair, is something RollingStone dubbed as “adrenalized math rock sped up and given pop’s candy coating.”

The band have just released a new music video for the track “大発明”, a cut from their latest EP which is due for release March 20th. Tricot’s last album was 2017’s 3, their aptly titled third record.

We say “discover” only because it’s new to us, but for Tricot, they’ve been doing this for almost a decade now and have a slew of releases under their belt and a healthy number of country stamps in their passports.

Check out the new video below and make today the day we discover Tricot together.