Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity

When the latest full-length from California’s Deerhoof arrived in my mailbox, it was met with quite a bit of curious wonderment. I’ve heard a bit of material from this quirky, Satomi Matsuzaki-fronted band; and I’ve caught a few tidbits about this record in the media, and a fair amount of buzz to go along with it. It seemed intriguing; being the latest project from this fairly ballyhooed group of noise-makers who’ve been making a name for themselves since way back in the mid-90’s.

It goes without saying that Deerhoof’s signature brand of musical magic isn’t for everyone; but if you’re in the market for something awesomely different, there aren’t very many options that fit the bill better than Deerhoof. Even with the recent departure of band-mate Chris Cohen, the remaining members of Deerhoof seem to be building upon the momentum that they had kick started up with their critically acclaimed release from 2005 called The Runners Four.

At it’s heart, Friend Opportunity is a lot of things; but I suppose the best way to describe what you’ll find here is sugary noise-art rock, fronted by a lovely lady with a lovely voice. Deerhoof bring the sonic curiosities hard and fast on this release; never letting the listener get settled, and always surprising you when you think you’ve figured out what’s coming next. This isn’t revolutionary, but instead evolutionary of what they showed on the stellar Runners Four record. It’s good, quirky music. Honed to perfection and ready to be absorbed. Highlights are scattered throughout this album, and it just seems wrong to point out one or two tracks as being “better;” this thing is meant to be heard as a whole work or art, not chopped up into a single, or two.

In our current climate of indie poseurs popping up like weeds in a wretched garden, it makes me happy to know that bands like Deerhoof are still kicking around, much in the vein of a kinder Sonic Youth, making good music no matter what may be the drug of choice for the tastemakers of the day. 

If you’re a fan of good, interesting music; you should definitely take Deerhoof up on this Opportunity.

(Kill Rock Stars)

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