Decahedron – Disconnection Imminent

History can be a funny thing. In school we learn about where our country came from, the heritage and the reasons why things are the way they are. You let one person tell the story of how a certain event transpired and then immediately ask another witness and you will get a slightly different story. With that being said, you can tell that many of the histories told to us are mere speculation and observations that have been distorted over time.

With music, history can also be tricky. With Decahedron you have the pedigree of band members that were previously in Fugazi and Frodus so one would expect that musically it would fall under the same umbrella while others may think that it will fall way left of the dial. This is where music history and historical events diverge as you can actually experience first hand, the music.

Originally called The Black Sea they released an EP under Lovitt Records that fell between the cracks. People just seemed apathetic towards this band as their first release showed no real cohesion and song crafting. One would expect this side project to fall into obscure record collections and used bins across the US but thankfully for this proper debut full-length under their new moniker, they have created salvation. Right off of the bat I am reminded of Frodus with a little less kick. The Fugazi influence peeks its head out from time to time but it does not seem to be a staple of their song writing arsenal. At times I am reminded of Jane’s Addiction which sounds odd but somehow works well.

While this is a step in the right direction in regards to this band’s life, it lacks any sort of memorable hook that would keep a listeners interest. Regardless I can see both critics and fans embracing this record for what it is: a simple rock record with hints of melody. Even without the big names behind these songs, they would still stand on their own.

(Lovitt Records)