Deadlights are “Bathed in Venom”

Greyscale Records’ very own Deadlights have recently dropped a brand new single. The first release since their debut album, Mesma, “Bathed In Venom” is a gigantic sign that Brisbane’s Deadlights are about to take their music to the next level.

Mixed and mastered by Christopher Vernon (Better Half, Belle Haven) the song’s production levels seem to be a step up from Mesma. A haunting atmosphere dwells throughout the entire track, as the mesmerizing instrumentals and echoing harsh and clean vocals demand your entire listening attention. 

“Bathed In Venom” opens up with deep echoing clean vocals and melancholic rolling guitars. Dreamlike and sending a shiver down your spine, the verses take over with bluntly passionate screaming vocals. Guitars flow through the background of the enormous sound that surrounds you, dwelling in the shadows and shimmering like a left behind spirit. A dark bass tone fleshes out the rest of the instrumentals and keeps everything moving along at a steady pace, supported by the array of constantly changing drum rhythms that are on display.

Emotive screams and nightmarish cleans make up the chorus and are backed up in doing so by the ever-flowing maniacal instrumentals. A near end of the song breakdown features gut-wrenching riffs, scraping screams, and some of the harshest sounding snare drum fills you will find. Seriously, every time I hear this I am simply unable to stop myself from audibly saying, “phwoar”. Wow.

“Bathed In Venom” is an enormous step-up for an already sensational Australian heavy band, so who knows what is to come next. A new album? Gee, I hope so. Deadlights have shown a level of musical and lyrical maturity with this song, and have shown how far they have come since Mesma. The world is their oyster, and I’m excited to see just how far they can go after this. 

Check out the song and the video: