Days Away – L.S.D.E.P.

The people have restlessly and anxiously waited in line for Days Away to let loose some new, innovative and artistic music. As the band set their sights on the road to grow and cultivate as musicians and people, the natives stood and lingered around waiting for that day of fresh musical sentiments.

The wait is finally over and the people can rejoice and sing along. The day has arrived and Days Away have grown immensely musically and in the process, recorded six songs that proudly display the band’s growth and creativity.

The previous EP, The Feel of It introduced the charisma, allure and creativity of the band mixed with that pop flair that often makes the sound all too monotonous; but Days Away does not fall into that pop inspired musical trap. Instead, they rely and flourish on powerful energy and emotion furthered with honesty and sincerity that is best displayed on the L.S.D.E.P. The EP is beautifully shaped with powerful yet engaging layered guitar sounds and drumming that paves the way for the raw, natural deep vocals that tickle your ears. The vocal range of sharp and high to low and soothing is something that echoes pure, genuine splendor.

As the EP is unwrapped with the track “Stay the Same”, the listener can noticeably perceive the sound of the music to be more developed and the lyrical content changed animatedly. The lyrics have taken a giant, bold step forward from the simple and all too familiar girl, boy love commotion. Gifted and artistic drummer Tim Arnold binds together the music and maintains the beat and tempo and keeps it flowing in each and every song. While the pace of the music on the EP changes from relaxed and gentle to swift and hasty on various levels keeping the listener on edge of what is to come next. The best example of this change in musical pace is appreciated in the lively, upbeat song “God and Mars” followed by the easygoing yet compelling track, “Fight” which very well may be the most complete and finest song Days Away have pieced together. The band has also included and brought into the mix vocal harmonies that fill the background out delightfully and bond the songs together. The band wraps up the L.S.D.E.P. by simply letting the music speak for itself in the instrumental “T. Klien’s Decline”; a song where the ears are forced to focus on the astounding drum skills and clean and distorted guitars that form a perfect melody.

Days Away have delivered an exceptional work of art. To catch a glimpse of the growth and maturity of this band brought to the table without losing the integrity and honesty that made them unique is a fantastic experience. So while the people waited, the band worked; and these six songs will make you thirst and crave and ultimately compel you to get right back in that line and wait for more.