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The songwriting of Dave Hause has always spoken volumes about the human connection to that American sound. His music has echoed the sentiments of what made American music and American songwriting great- the open road, the working class, the spirit of self-belief. Whether it was his work in The Loved Ones or over his solo releases, Hause is a name that is (or at least should be) synonymous with the other great contemporary American songwriters like Brian Fallon, Jason Isbell, and Justin Townes Earle.

Hause has just released his latest track “Fireflies” from his upcoming album Kick, and it really is another fine slab of songwriting. The album is the follow-up to his 2017 album Bury Me In Philly and is due out April 12th on Rise Records.

“Fireflies” is in musical contrast to that of the album’s first single “The Ditch” and the second, very Jersey sounding “Saboteurs”. “Fireflies” is a stripped back, contemplative number finding its sound in mostly just Hause, his guitar, and his harmonica- fundamentally the best of what he does. It is with these quieter moments that you are reminded of the resonance of American songwriting- at least in this form. You don’t need much else other than the stories of the neverending horizon, a great voice and a guitar.

What else can you say other than heartland rock is alive and well in the music of Dave Hause.

Listen to “Fireflies”:

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